Drywall Laminating

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by jdon88, Apr 8, 2013.

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    I hope to get some feedback on what I plan to do. I've been getting rid of popcorn ceilings in my house room by room. The popcorn came off very easily due to wallpaper and paint on the ceilings before the popcorn was applied. The problem is that I'm left with seams every 2 feet or so and I want smooth ceilings. In the smaller rooms I skim coated the entire ceiling with mud then sanded and painted. They came out great but it took a lot of time. I'm working on a larger room now and after scraping the popcorn off I'm thinking about laminating 1/4" drywall over the existing 1/2" drywall.

    First question is do I need to stagger the joints or just line them up for easier taping?

    Do I neet to run the drywall perpendicular to the joists? I assume the existing ceiling was run perpendicular but looks to me running the long sides parallel would make for an easier tape/finish job.

    The side walls don't line up with the ceiling joists so there will be a 3" overhang on one wall and a 7" overhang on the other side. Any issues with that? I plan on gluing the unsupported edges to the existing ceiling, liquid nails or some other type of construction adhesive.

    The room I'm working on is 9' by 15', the joists run in the longer direction.
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    The paper face has grain...it is much stronger along the height (or length) of the board verses across the width...I'd run it across the joists to gain the max strength. Run the other way, over time, you may see it droop a little. I'd also probably pay someone to finish what you have rather than trying to attach a new layer on top. That's if a pro would even take that small of a job. The speed and quality they can perform that task is worth it to me.
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    I have never seen it done, but I would think 1/4" drywall on an overhead surface would have "stability" problems unless it was well nailed.
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