Drake Flapper Leaks Every 6-12 Months

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I have the Eco Drake (classic) toilet installed and about every 6-12 months I can hear water flowing, very slowly through the fill valve when it shouldn't be flowing. (Very faint hissing sound). I turn off the shut-off under the toilet and in an hour or several hours, the tank empties.

I think I've found the problem: Slime or solid residue from the water builds up on the gray flapper valve and its seat. I wipe it off with a rag and the problem seems to go away---until next time.

Am I going nuts or has anyone else had the same experience? This is public water supply, but there is very little sediment in the water, I'm always impressed at how clean the tank bottom stays, compared to well water which would build up with brown sediment over time. Something causes slime to build up and (perhaps) the slime build up prevents a perfect seal resulting in a slow leak, which would be significant over time.


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Got some spare copper wire around? Take any insulation off and try leaving a piece on the bottom of the tank where it can't get caught underneath anything. May not do a thing, but it might.

FWIW, water treatment doesn't remove everything in the water...just gets it to what is considered a safe level.
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