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    Nov 26, 2008
    I am currently renovating a 1901 house to live in after I am finished. Attached is a sketch of my spare bathroom. I am having trouble with the vanity sink drain pipes. The sink is against an interior 2x6 bearing wall. Directly below the 2x6 wall is a 6x6 beam with 6x6 posts on blocks. Is there a different way for my drainage pipe to go besides directly through the 6x6? Do pipes ever 45 out of the wall then 45 down almost around the 6x6? I am a structural engineer so if I have to go through the 6x6 I can fix it to work structurally I'm just wondering if there is another way to plumb around it.


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    Nothing wrong with running the drain in the room rather than in the wall. You don't want too many angles otherwise it becomes tough to clean out if that ever becomes an issue. Still needs to be vented properly, but you could jog that back into the wall to go up. 45's so it maintains up - can't go horizontal at that point.
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