Double wide leaking shower

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  1. LizN89

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Need ideas on how to get my shower fixed, it had been leaking for quite sometime and we finally have time to fix it all, the floor under the tub is already rotten and has holes, the walls seem to be rotten also. So we will be replacing the floor and walls n putting in a new shower(no more tub) but I need info on what materials are better and also anything I can put on the wall(once its replaced) to prevent humidity to get trapped between the wall and shower wall? Any tips will help, my mom,my bf n I will b doing this so any info helps! Thank you:) we will most likely be buying all supplies at lowes& home depot.
    here are some pics of what it looks like right now!

    50.jpg 50b.jpg

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  2. StillGoing

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    Sep 2, 2012
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    First you need to rip out all the rot and repair the fraiming.

    Lowes sells a plastic shower kit for less than a grand (Sterling)
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  4. jadnashua

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Do you want a pre-fab or do you want to tile a shower? There are lots of industry tested, approved methods to build a shower. Most of them are described in the TCNA handbook, which you can download (for a cost) or may be able to find in the library. There are various conventional systems, and many of the newer ones utilize surface waterproofing. A conventional shower has various layers, and a bunch of the materials can get damp in normal operation. A surface membrane is applied just underneath the tile, so very little material can get wet. This is my preferred method. To get an idea, you could check out the Wedi website or Schluter's at and look at their Kerdi Shower system. Latticrete, Mapai, and NOble, along with others, make surface waterproofing systems. Check them out.

    In a properly built shower, you could shower in it before the tile is applied and not get water into the walls or floor...the tile is a wear and decorative layer, NOT the waterproofing...that MUST be done properly before even thinking of installing the tile. Course, the soap scum, hair, dead skin cells, etc. would make eventual tiling problematic!?
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