Double check valve for sprinkler system

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    I have a well that was initially feeding 3 hose bibs/faucets on the exterior walls of our house (our house is on city water). With some great guidance from those on this site I have ran about 600 feet of pipe to install 5 hydrants at various locations around my 5 acre property. Best guidance that I received was to up the pipe diameter/use PVC even though the main line is smaller.....due to this I have outstanding water pressure at all locations (so thank you!) My question is - I would now like to gradually start installing sprinkler zones over time. My plan is to cut in to the main line at various locations, install a shutoff valve and then some sort of back flow preventer prior to the valve box. In some instances the preventer will not or could not be higher than the highest sprinkler. I was thinking double check valve (I understand a RPA is even better protection but I don't want to reduce pressure and I have no plans to inject fertilizer). I really doubt I will ever put the house back on the well even though that is how it was initially built/set up prior to the previous owners changing over the house to city water. I am no plumber by a long shot so appreciate any feedback advice on using the double check valve (or other recommendations). Thanks all - I greatly appreciate the feedback.
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    RPP Reduced pressure backflow devices do NOT reduce pressure. RPP devices use a reduced pressure differential within the valve, but do not affect pressure. Just do size from the mfr's chart as pertains to the device flow and your needs in gpm at whatever pressure you have.
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    I think might be the best way to go. If you want to tap into the water line at various locations around the home, this is a vacuum breaker with a zone valve. It is installed above ground but at least 6" above the highest sprinkler for that zone. You can then the wires to the controller. Zone valves do not need to be in one location. I had one of these installed by the builder of my new home back in 1990.$2520Bird
    This type can be located anywhere
    This type must be above the highest sprinkler
    febco 2.jpg
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