Do I need primer for this self-leveling operation?

Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by ironspider, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Hey all,

    So my wife and I are finally about to get on with putting down our floating floor (some Wicander's CorkComfort) but we have an area 4" wide where the subfloor ends before it hits the bottom plate of a new wall we've framed out on the 1st floor of our house (above the conditioned basement). There used to be a fireplace surround there and, after taking out all the bricks, we were left with this gap of 4 inches by 12 feet because the surround came out so far. It is about 1/2" deep (see picture) and it appears to be concrete. photo (1).JPG

    So I picked up a 50lb bag of self-leveler from a big box store and the guy there said I did *not* need the primer. I also read this on many posts online. BUT, there are just as many threads stating that you do need it. So I'm coming to my forum authorities for your opinions.

    Another factor on my mind is that the primer is like $30 and I'm obviously only doing a little strip here like 4 sqft. But $30 is fine if I'm going to screw it all up without it. :)
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    The bottom line is what do the instructions say on the bag? All of them I've dealt with require their primer.
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    For such a small space why not return the self levelling and use a bag of Ardex X-32. Mix it a little looser than spec'd and you will have it go in nice.

    I see two nails in the subfloor. I don't see a smile mark from a framing hammer. Did you re pound the nails? Screw off the old floor?
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