Distance between fixtures - is it enforced?

Discussion in 'IPC Plumbing Code Questions' started by Stuff, Jan 20, 2019.

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    I'm going to be helping a friend squeeze in a new powder room and we are at the design/layout stage. Right now it looks like the best bet is to put the toilet next to sink. IRC appears to force this to be a minimum of a 60" wall space but I see all kinds of examples of smaller. Do inspectors interpret this differently or am I misinterpreting the code?

    The IRC wording states that you need 15" center to next fixture or wall as well as 30" center to center. I also see small vanities pushed directly up against a wall so how does that work? Some talk about 4" gap to wall but I didn't find the code for that.

    Then to twist things - what about a corner sink? Where is the center you measure from?

    Separately not related to my install but how is a 48" double vanity even legal?
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    The way I remember it, there must be 20" for the sink and 30" for the toilet. 21" free space to the front of the bowl and sink. The door must be able to swing fully without hitting any fixture or cabinet.

    If you put wheels on the house, you can go smaller. ;)
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