Dishwasher install highloop question

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    Hey Guys,
    Need a little help with a dishwasher install. We are replacing an old dishwasher from the 80s that had a direct drain into the floor. I would like to drain the new dishwasher into the insinkerator. The sink is a little further than I'd like it to be about 11ft house needed. Can I bring the drain up 30" (highloop) directly behind the dishwasher and then gradually drop about 12" total drop to the line to the sink. Trying to relieve the stress on the pump by having the highloop by the sink.

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    A better way would be: bring the waste flex line (plus an extension) from the DW up to an AIR GAP mounted on the sink and from the air gap drop a DW hose down to the GD. This short hose has to be cut to the right size to create a drop like a pool slide. There is a place to connect into the GD, just knock out the plastic cap inside to allow waste water into the GD.
    This is the way every inspector would love to see.
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