Delta 1700 faucet repair tip

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I thought I would pass this information on to the next poor sap that runs into this quirky issue with the 1700 faucet

Installed a 1700 tub and shower faucet back in 2009....

get a call from the customer yesterday telling me he cannot get water
to come out of the faucet , it has no pressure, but when he takes the cartridge out and turns on the water it blasts out of the faucet......??..

I have run into this problem a number of times where they throw a new 1700 cartridge into the faucet and it does not solve the issue.....

I knew right away that the diverter which is built into the base of the body going up to the shower head was clogged up with debris and told him to bang on that spot where the copper pipe is soldered into the faucet with a hammer and flat head screw driver to dislodge the crap..... lightly of course......

He thinks I am full of shi/ but says he will get back to me if it works or it does not work and wants me to come up.

Pour some vinegar down through the shower arm at the top and see if it does not eat up the lime built up at the faucet diverter base over night.....Just shooting in the dark I told him to..I told him he might be getting a new faucet for 600 which he was upset about. He calls back a while later and says it did not solve the problem..

he called me back this morning to thank me because a bunch of goo came
dripping out of the faucet today and the vinegar broke up the blockage
he claimed he banged on it a few times and debris came flowing out......

I did my good deed for the week and I got a good review on google
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Excellent information Mark. If I have that issue I will remember that. I remember hj mentioning something about that part getting blocked too, the passageway to the shower head up from the tub spout.