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    Apr 13, 2008
    Hello All,

    I just want to say thanks to everyone on the forum for some great information posted here.

    I purchased a Dayton 4TB19 1-HP Deep well jet pump from Grainger for my 8" dia. well to replaced the bad 3/4-hp. 30-gal bladder tank charged to 28 psi (empty). The only items between the pump and tank are a sediment filter (new) and a water meter (our sewer authority uses this to measure our outflow). 1" copper between the pump and tank as well. New foot valve assembly (also from Grainger) and I matched the jet and venturi to the pump specs.

    Water depth is 33-feet and according to the manufacturer I should be getting 9.7-gpm at 50 psi with the current water depth. I did a quick calculation last night by running the water until the pump kicks on and timing how long the pump runs to refill the tank (7.5 mins). Then I measured how much water was drawn until the pump kicked on again (9 gallons) and came up with 1.2 gpm!!!! I also do not suspect that the tank is being refilled all the way. The pump switch is still at the factory pressure settings.

    Is this normal? If not, any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a million in advance.
  2. Gary Slusser

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    You are measuring the draw down of the tank and you have a serious problem or the pump would not be running 7.5 minutes between cut-in and cut-out with no water being used. The problem could be many different things, such as blocked jet or water inlet, a suction or pressure leak, something wrong wit hteh pump itself, the wrong jet etc..

    More likely you simply need to get rid of the filter cartridge and its housing. It could be blocked along with the water meter.

    BTW, the watch and a bucket method of coming up with the output gpm of a pump is a poor way to do it and it is not accurate.

    If you can't find the problems and you think it is the pump, you should ask Grainger what is wrong, and next time, buy from Bob at
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