Deep Water Well Advice Before Contracting

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    Will have a new deep water well installed for a lakefront cottage that I recently purchased in Northern Michigan. This cottage was originally part of a resort and is on a shared well at present. I would like some ideas to present to the well digger when getting the job quoted.

    I have been on city water my whole life and new to the water well, septic systems arrangenments.

    This is a small 650 square foot SEASONAL COTTAGE built on a pier and post foundation (open at bottom with 2' crawl space). I will need to winterize it late fall and drain the lines replacing the traps with RV antifreeze. BUT, I want to extend the season into early winter and start back up early in the Spring when the chance of sporadic below freezing temperatures exist.

    So I will need advice on the best way to insulate the water supply line from the well (about 100" from the cottage) vertically into the cottage so that when rising above the frost level it does not freeze. Have heard some suggestions like placing the supply line inside a 4" pvc pipe, wrapped in heat tape, the light bulb heater idea, etc. Will run chases inside the heated cottage to prevent freeze ups once the water enters the dwelling.

    Is there also some kind of piping arrangment that will allow the water in the well line to the cottage to "drain". How would you remove the water where the vertical 1" black plastic supply line meets up with the 3/4" copper inside lines. I am making an educated guess that these are the pipe diameters and material that will be used.

    In general as well, looking for suggestions on a new well. Understand that a 110v or 220v pump can be used. What are the pros and cons of each choice. Installing a new electrical panel with plenty of room for more breakers in its 200-amp service. Any other thoughts?

    Also is it a good idea/practical to have this water well circuit "backed up" on a transfer switch box so that when power outages hit a portable generator can power the well pump?

    How deep do they usually bury the water line to the cottage, e.g. below the frost line?

    Thanks for the advice. Guessing I am looking at $4-5,000 for about a 100' deep well and want to do this right the first time. Thanks guys.
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