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  1. hurlb

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    Jun 25, 2010
    Hello, long time listener, first time caller...

    We're installing a new tub and have a question. The salesperson was unable to adequately explain the issue the plumbing. He did insist there was one. I'm hoping someone can explain it, or, preferably, tell me the salesperson had no idea what he was talking about.

    We have a Grohe Essence trim with the recommended rough in valve (link).

    To that we're connecting the Hansgrohe Talis S Tub Spout with Diverter (link) Note that this is a wall mounted tub filler and not a deck mounted one.

    We want to run the other line (out the top of the rough-in) to a deck mounted hand shower (not yet purchased).

    In your traditional set up:
    1) Run water from tub filler.
    2) Pull/press diverter.
    3) Water comes from shower head.

    We want to:
    1) Run water from tub filler.
    2) Pull/press diverter.
    3) Water comes from deck-mounted hand shower.

    When we visited the local plumbing showplace they suggested that what we wanted to do wouldn't work. One of the salespeople suggested that there would be too much pressure in the handshower hose. I'm trying to determine why.

    Is the fact that the deck-mounted hand shower would be below the trim/rough-in the issue?
    Does it make a difference that the diverter is on the tub filler rather than on trim (below the rough-in)?
    Is there a product/accessory we can buy to make our preferred installation work?

    In general, we prefer the look of the wall mounted tub filler and trim. We just wanted to add the handshower for better washing/cleaning options.

    TIA for any feedback.
  2. jadnashua

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    New England
    You could get a wall-mounted trim piece to attach the hose. Two things that come to mind: without much of a rise in the outlet to the hose for the handheld, you could get it dribbling out that even when the divertor is not switched; and, make sure you get a vacuum breaker either built into the handheld, or on the hose. This is often sold as an in-line attachment. Other than that, finding a bracket to hold the handheld for deck mounting might be harder than a wall-mount or an adjustable bar. A bar would give you the option of using either the system as a 'normal' shower, or as a handheld.
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  4. geniescience

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    Nov 27, 2005
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    He heard most of what you wanted and jumped to a conclusion. That is my take on this query. I could imagine that happening.

    If the handshower was one of those (rare) types with a lever on it, and pressurized water in the hose at all times (a positive-action spray), he might be right... When pressurized water is "on" always (This is not your case) then the handshower hose and on-off valve/lever have to be robust enough to take permanent pressure. Even in kitchens most of the separate spray hoses are not pressurized, except only when you turn the water on. In other words, if the handshower were more like a Jaclo B074 bidet spray (search on this or equivalents), with water pressure on all the time, then the products you want to buy would be "a problem".

    By the way, if the guy is so certain he can spot a problem, why hasn't he proposed good product solutions? Duh. And if he is the only one of all the people in that shop who thinks he sees a problem, why is he being allowed to "spout" his wacky ideas? Go tell the head honcho there that you might just go buy from somewhere where they can train and contain the salesmen who would rather show off than make people happy with satisfactory solutions. Maybe the salesman should be corrected by some of the others in his immediate environment. It's not up to you to figure out what he might be trying to explain while all the others in the store stand around admiring the interaction between the two of you.

    Hope this helps.
  5. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    Aug 31, 2004
    San Diego, CA
    There is not an issue of "too much pressure" on the hose. What MIGHT be a problem is the with the head taken off low like that, you may have dribbling from the hand held even when the tub is on. Don't know for sure. I think Grohe could answer the question.

    There is another issue...a deck mounted hand held will require a backflow preventer.
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