Custom Glass Bypass Shower Door Kits

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    Finally down to the final phases of our bathroom remodel and the original information given to me by the local glass company regarding a Holcam frameless sliding glass door w/ a fixed return is no longer valid ( Holcam apparently doesn't make what we want now ). I need to know of any quality companies in the NorthWest that can build and ship custom, glass shower enclosure kits. I'm not looking for cheap, just reputable and good quality materials. I'm in Fairbanks, Alaska so shipping is a given. Thanks for any referrals.
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    I have shipped up drains, weep hole protectors, pencils and waterproofing to Alaska but never a glass door package. I have a remote client just South of you that used a shipping company.

    I would think you need to built the shower first. Measure it up and then order a kit if you are going the custom shower base route.

    Having a Non-Ferrous saw blade to cut any aluminum track would be a help. I'm sure any good glass company in Price George could get you the materials...

    There is a company back East that makes high end sliders Fleurco they are called. You would have to order a custom or stock unit. Super high end and a little tricky to install.

    I know the guys I ordered my shower fixtures also make shower bases. They might have kits - check out Hudson Reed. Or email them:
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  4. jadnashua

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    What may work out for you is to buy the hardware from a place like this and have the glass fabricated locally (if that is possible). There must be places that can cut, polish, drill then temper plate glass somewhere in Alaska, hopefully near you, otherwise, the cost to get it to you will be extreme! The shipping insurance costs would likely be horrendous.
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