Crane Bigfoot Pressure Assist toilet, rated at 1000 grams comments and reviews

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    Crane Bigfoot Pressure Assist toilet review and comments.

    Crane has a large footprint bowl for their pressure assist models. They use the WDI pressure assist tanks.
    When they fail, you can replace the pressure unit with a Flushmate tank.
    I don't know of a fix or repair for the Chinese WDI flush units.

    This toilet has been rated at 1000 grams for moving objects wrapped in plastic that are 3/4" x 4" long.

    However, from personal experience, if you have leave something on the front of the bowl, it may take more flushes.
    I used one in a Starbucks in Ellensburg, and after four flushes, it had not rinsed out the bowl. There was plenty of water going through the siphon jet, but not much from the front of the bowl. I gave up after waiting around, and figured that if four flushes hadn't done much, it was time to get back on the road and let the next few customers take their turns flushing the toilet. Sooner or later it would rinse out.

    This is a 1000 gram rated toilet by MaP for flushing solids, but don't expect bowl rinse.
    MaP isn't about rating bowl rinse.

    I wish I had the time to wait around and keep flushing the Crane Pressure Assist, but frankly I already felt like I was taking the bathroom hostage.
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