Correct tank-to-bowl gasket for American Standard Cadet 2 toilet?

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    Hi there,

    I had to replace the tank-to-bowl gasket for American Standard Cadet 2 toilet a week ago. I used the Fluidmaster 15-Piece Tank-to-Bowl Kit but it shows 1/8" gap between the tank and the bowl.

    Tank-to-Bowl Gap.jpg

    As the gasket has a bevel funnel bottom, when water is filled up the tank would tilt backward (if I lean backward I'd also press onto the tank) hence inducing a leak thru' the gasket.

    The Fluidmaster tank-2-bowl gasket has an 'extra thick' version and that was worse as it caused the tank to tilt even easier.

    The original gasket that came w/ this toilet had a fitted bottom shape so tank wouldn't tilt but the material was shoddy (super soft and now gasket is falling apart) so I am trying to avoid that... .

    Anyone has a better idea of a gasket that would work with this toilet?
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