Converting Rough In Shower Drain to Extra Floor Drain?

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Hi there,
My first post. I have been googling answers to plumbing questions and every time the name Terry Love comes up with answers! So well done.

I am redoing my laundry solution as well as adding a powder room in the basement. We decided to move the laundry to the basement and we also decided against putting a shower in the basement despite that we had a 1.5 inch rough in shower/tub drain.

The rough in for the shower drain presumably with a p trap buried in the floor. This drain is located in the room where I will put the laundry. Since the drain is there anyway I thought of turning it into an extra floor drain in case the washer leaked for some reason (and maybe to route the ventless dryer water discharge.)

But I read that plumbing code specifies a 2 inch floor drain. However, surely it is better to have a 1.5 inch extra drain then no drain at all, right? In a small flood it would be better to have some of the water go down the 1.5 drain than to have to cap the drain.

So if I decide to have an extra emergency drain that is not required would it be okay to have it at 1.5 inches? If it is against code, then would anyone really care about the violation since it is better than capping it?
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