Composite granite kitchen sink ... good choice?

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    The classic sink in days of yore was the cast-iron porcelain-coated model. Fabulously heavy and wore like ... well, iron, but subject to chipping if abused. If it chipped, of course the underlying cast iron sometimes started to rust, and things started to get ugly. I see some of the sinks you referred to are based on a stainless steel substrate, which implies to me that they might be more inclined to crack or chip, since the s/s is more flexible, and porcelain doesn't flex worth a darn. But, they might not rust, if the quality of the s/s were better than, say, my dive knife, which rusts badly where it's stamped "stainless steel". I'm sure others with a lot more experience will chip in, so to speak, with more authoritative advice than mine, but I'd say at least to stay away from those $66 sinks. If you go with a major brand, like Kohler, they're probably fine, and much-loved by those who love the porcelain look. But they're still fabulously heavy (curiously, Kohler doesn't mention weight in their spec sheet), expensive, and the appearance is somewhat unique. It's definitely appropriate for a period decor, and still popular in high-end kitchens, although the s/s and fake granite are a little more trendy, maybe.
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    Silgranite is the name for the quartz-resin composite mix in Blanco's sinks. I have one, undermounted. It is fine. Strong too. It's warmer and cuter than stainless steel, and a bit more forgiving than porcelain or enameled cast. If I replaced it one day I might get a darker color. If I had to get another type, I'd get an undermount stainless one.
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