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Does a commercial mop sink in a restaurant drain into a grease trap / interceptor in Massachusetts ?

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  1. jaywalsh31

    jaywalsh31 New Member

    Dec 18, 2012
    Salem, Massachusetts
    Hello, does anyone know if a floor sink is considered the same as a mop/ service sink in code speak?
    The reason I ask... I believe the mop sink in a restaurant should drain into a grease trap but no where in the code do I find the mention of this. Only a floor sink. I view a floor sink as an indirect drain to dump a dishwasher into or bar sinks. Maybe this would make the use of large grease interceptors to common because they can generate a high rate of flow defeating the purpose of the interceptor? Anyway I'm only trying to do the right thing, and any help is appreciated. I have 2 floor drains going threw the lower grease trap and need to know if Mr. Service Sink is coming along for the ride or not, Thank you.
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