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    Greetings all. I have browsed these forums before but never registered and finally have a unique question I need help with.

    My wife wants a clawfoot tub to replace the alcove tub/shower in our master bath but she doesn't like the oval shower curtain rods and it is in a dormer so the ceiling starts at 6 and graduates to normal height making the oval impossible anyway. The room isn't big enough for a separate shower so my plan is to create a tiled shower enclosure with glass doors to contain the water. My question is whether or not I should also slope the floor the and include a floor drain for any overspray or if the tub drain should be sufficient and there isn't a lot of overspray with a clawfoot. The second question is if a floor drain is needed how to plumb the traps.

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    I think your best bet would be to treat the area as a shower with a sloped floor, curb, and drain with trap. I suppose you could not even connect the tub to its own drain, and let it use the shower drain. You'd need a tub drain kit to hold the water in and trim out the tub when taking a bath, but just let the outlet dump down to the shower floor and out the shower drain.

    The biggest hassle would be cleaning the floor underneath, as there isn't all that much room under a clawfoot tub. Normally, that area isn't designed to get wet or very dirty, and just dusting may suffice. Not true if it is a shower floor. The slope might make shimming the tub a little tricky so it sets evenly, but should be doable.
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