Clack WS-1 setting: Cannot set pre-fill vs. post-fill?

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Hello all,

Yesterday, I noticed my Clack WS1 water softener starting its regeneration cycle at midnight. This causes me to investigate:

1) I realized my regen setting was "on 0". Changing it to "NORMAL" or "NORMAL + on 0" unlocks the option to set regen time 2am. Should I change it to 4am or something? Don't want to not have soft water at midnight or 1am since I may still be up.

2) Switching between post-fill and pre-fill settings also proved impossible. The manual suggests pre-fill starts the cycle two hours early, explaining the midnight noise. However, options to change this setting weren't available in the "NEXT + DOWN" pages. What gives...?

Should I attempt to change the behavior from pre-fill to post-fill?

If it's helpful here's my other settings:
  • (NEXT and DOWN)
    • Softening
    • <cycle settings>
    • 26K capacity
    • REGEN:
      • AUTO GAL
      • on 0 <--- this was the setting making me unable to set 2am time
    • rELAY: oFF <--- no way to change pre-fill or post-fill; and I don't understand what these are (not in manual?)
    • CALL: oFF
  • (NEXT and UP)
    • 14 days between regen

Thanks to all experts in advance.
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