Changing 2-wire to 5-wire on my furnace

Discussion in 'HVAC Heating & Cooling' started by mrjohneel, Feb 11, 2021.

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    Mar 8, 2014
    I have a two-wire line running from my 1-stage furnace with no cooling to my thermostat. I am upgrading my thermostat and it needs a C wire. Now, I know there are various ways of hooking up adapters, etc., to compensate for the missing C wire. I could even get another type of thermostat. But because it is a short run from my first floor thermostat to my furnace, I want to replace the old wiring with new wiring. So I am going to get an 18/5 wire. My furnace wiring diagram (Gas-Fired Direct Vent Condensing) shows R to R, G to G, W to W and B/C to B/C. That's four wires. What do I do with the other one -- the yellow one? Do I hook it up Y to Y even though I don't have a compressor/air conditioning system? Is there anything I'm forgetting? Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 17, 2019
    If you have no cooling, you can just leave Y disconnected on both ends.

    If you are running new wire, you could get some 18/6 or 18/8 in case you decide later to add A/C, a humidifier, an outdoor air temp sensor, etc.
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