Changed from copper to polyethylene fridge supply: lower water pressure?

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    Sep 10, 2019
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    Our fridge doesn’t have the nice water supply box behind it... rather: there was a shutoff in the basement with a 1/4” copper supply line running up to the fridge.

    I replaced that line with 1/4” PE tubing, so I can add an RO system soon.

    I will admit, the PE tubing has a longer run... I have it coiled up in the basement so I have enough to run to the RO (wherever I decide to place it).

    Either way: the water pressure is significantly less than before. I’m guessing the run is part of that, which is why I ran 3/8” PE at the same time (just in case).

    I’m curious:

    1: is the length of the PE tubing likely the reason for my decreased pressure? Or is PE just thinner ID?

    2: Would 3/8” tubing help?

    3: What’s the best way to connect the 3/8 to the fridge if it helps? (A 3/8 to 1/4 John guest reducer fitting close to the fridge inlet?? I can’t find any 3/8 compression to 1/4 female adaptors.... nor do I know what kind of thread the fridge has?)
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