Cannot get water to flow through system

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    Thanks for the reply - maybe I am explaining incorrectly. I have attached a couple of pics - one is the irrigation gate valve (in open position which I thought was a water pressure valve after it?) the other is the water meter box. I have 2 meters - house and irrigation water. From what I see it looks like the irrigation meter valve is not turned on - I just saw this now when I opened that box. I am assuming I should turn this so the arrows are in line with the pipe (like the other one (green) which I am assuming is the house water?). Do you think that is correct? I was going to close the irrigation gate valve - open the water meter valve - then slowly open up the irrigation valve again to fill the system. I also attached a pic of the main valve housing I installed - seemed pretty easy to me. Also, a pic of one of the valve boxes - all these valves seem like they are turned to the off postion - should I fill the system then open these valves up - them run the system? Thanks and I apologize for probably the wrong terminology.



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    Your two questions are easy to answer. Valves should be left open so that any residual water doesn't damage it. The PRV is for your household water and has nothing to do with you irrigation system.

    Now to the rest of the problem. Unfortunately, many lawn systems are installed by homeowners who know nothing about what they are doing. Yours may or may not be one of those. Among the problems in trying to diagnose you problem are we can tell what you have, and you don't know enough about what you should have to tell us. My best advise is to call in a lawn sprinkler system installation company, have them examine your system, show what you have, advise you if there are things that you don't have but should have, install or repair parts as needed, and show you how to operate your system.
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