cannot get the well primed

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    we have a 60' well about 50' from the house..there is a pump to get water from the well to the house...a pump to get water into the house..the one that gets water from the well to the house went out..or so we think...we bought another one just like it "flotex 3/4hp" replaced pump and now we cannot get a prime...after reading many letters on here i am wondering it it could be the foot valve? we also lost the pump last week that carries water from the well to our sprinklers...replaced that...
    If we have to replace foot valve how do we know how deep it is and how to get it out...the home was built in 1990.
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    You don't prime a well, you prime a jet pump and if there is a leak from the pump back down the well to the foot valve, you will lose prime.

    To replace a foot valve you find the well, open it by removing the seal/cap and disconnect the plumbing and lift the drop pipe that goes down the well, out of the well. The foot valve is on the end of the drop pipe. If you have a deep well two line jet pump there will be two lines down the well and a j-body on their ends and then the foot valve on the j-body.

    The foot valve can be from as little as 20' to 150' deep depending on the well and pump. The drop pipe can be plastic or galvanized pipe and too heavy to remove by hand. I suggest you call a pump guy, well driller or only a plumber that knows wells and pumps (most don't).
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    Do you have a cistern? If not, the above statement makes no sense.

    You should have saved the money you spent on those cheap pumps that you probably didn't need in the first place and call Pump Pro. He can actually save you money by finding what the real problem is. Most pro's don't run out and buy a new pump when the water stops.

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