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    Dec 22, 2009
    I recently decided to do my own service on my Carlin EZ-1 SO-105 burner. I changed the filter (messy, but doable), Cleaned the soot out, changed the oil motor filter, and changed the fuel nozzle. I used a .65 60A degree instead of the .75 60A degree I found inside and reset the EZ air/fuel mix ring to agree with the new nozzle size,

    The good news: everything got better in the heating department. Hot water lasting 10 minutes in the shower and coming up in 30 seconds as opposed to lasting 5 minutes and taking 10 minutes to come up as it did prior to the job. No more blue smoke out the chimney.

    The bad news: There is a relief drain on the underside of the air fan that now drips oil. About 1 drop every 5 minutes. I noticed that the specs for the oil pump state 2gal/hr 150-200psi 3gal/hr 100-150psi. I assume the smaller nozzle will cause less fuel use (motive) and also assume a higher pressure is needed to push fuel through a smaller opening. What I don't get is why the drip?

    The other problem is in the internal pressure. My gauge reads 0 and stays there. The Extrol tank reads 12-14psi. The temperature gauge concurs with the aquastat settings 170/190 with a give of 10. At first I believed the gauge and added water to the system. This in turn caused the relief valve to open depositing the excess water on my cellar floor. So, to the question...if the pressure in the Extrol tank is 12 to 14 psi would that not be the pressure of the system? No water came out during testing, tank sounds hollow, no air in the heating pipes.

    Also, why the oil drip. when I increase the pressure the drip slows significantly but does not stop. Carlin recommends .50 - .85 60 SS or .50 to 1.00 70A. What would be the most efficient and stll give me hot water without pressure problems?

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