Can I use a cleanout for a toilet?

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  1. jasonlaronde

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    Aug 19, 2007
    I would like to add a half bath to my soon-to-be finished basement. The main line runs about 18" under the slab with a cleanout coming up at about a 45-degree angle about 20" from the wall. (see attached layout...)

    The line runs at a slight angle under my basement slab towards the back of the house where it meets the stack and goes to the roof... I've already mapped out venting out the side of the house but I'd like to pick the experts brains...

    Rather than digging to the main line and Y-ing off, can I did down, cut the cleanout, use an 8th elbow to go vertical, tee off for a sink drain and then add a flange for a toilet?

    There's a cleanout at the base of the stack too so is that good enough?


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  2. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    Assuming you do have a wye on the line, not a santee, then yes you can use that line without digging down and replacing the fitting.

    An 1/8 bend will let you either go vertical or horizontal.
    If the angle is not quite right, you might use a long sweep 90 el on it's side and tilt it where you need it.

    If that was the only cleanout, you can add a new one under the lav.
    I know that you will vent the toilet and the lav when you run the rest of the plumbing.
    Otherwise when the other plumbing is used, it will want to either push or pull water from the basement fixtures.
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  4. jasonlaronde

    jasonlaronde New Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    so try to visualize this...

    You can see an above layout from my other post to show you where the cleanout is in relation to the walls...

    The pic in this post is facing south... from the cleanout to the wall to the north is about 5 feet.

    What I'll do is break up the concret and go down about 16"...

    I'll 1/8th bend to go vertical, then tee off with a 4x4x3 (since the existing pipe is 4" cast and I'd like to use 3" for the toilet) and run 3" to the north and install the toilet in the very corner of the basement.

    I'll Y off the 3" line with a 3x3x2 and run a vent line to the east wall and run up to the ceiling where I'll then run the vent line horizontal, out the side wall and up the side of the house.

    Back to the cleanout line which is now vertical with a 4x4x3 Y on top, I'll put a 4x4x2 T facing west, 90-degree elbow up vertical and come up for a sink drain where I'll T again and run to the west to the west wall, run north inside the wall and tie into the vertical vent line to vent both the toilet and sink from the same line...

    back to the cleanout again... on top of both 4x4 tees I'll install a cleanout cap which should bring be about 3" above the slab... I'll hide the cleanout and other plumbing that is above the slab underneath the vanity....

    Sound good or should I draw a pic?

  5. jasonlaronde

    jasonlaronde New Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    I'm assuming since it comes off the main line at a 45-degree angle that it is a Y and not a santee...

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