Can I replace the entire valve control on a Culligan mark 812?

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  1. HerpZillA

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    Oct 27, 2012
    Geneva Ohio
    First of all a big Hay. Yes "hay", you would have to read why on my website

    So, It seems that online prices for Culligan Kinetico etc etc are gov't secrets. I have spent many hours trying to make a vise cost effective choice on my softener situation.

    I have an old Culligan mark 812 that needs a new valve control. I fubared it when working on it. I don't normally do that but stuff happens. And it had many other issues before I made it worse. So, long story short.

    Not sure of water conditions out of my well. In 97 is was tested and was 75 hardness and 7 iron. No other numbers.

    It is NOT near that now. In 97 we ran 10 pounds of salt a day. As time went on I started to play with the settings and found 1 day in six was plenty (old timer using ancient Martian 6 day cycle). Also the well water's iron count clearly dropped. As in day one when I built this log home our toilets would turn orange in 30 minutes. After a year the water conditions improved greatly. In fact we don't even use a softener now and have not for years. Yes sinks turn orange in a few days but we can shower can wash cloths but it's clean the water is harder than the city water we were use too. So I want softer water again.

    So me being a fixit guy and trying to gather the well guarded secrets of softeners I wanted to know if I can replace this old unit with one of the newer value controls like the Fleck 5600?

    The kids are gone. Just us 2 and we do maybe 1 load of laundry a week. So our water consumption has dropped big time. I build my own log home, plumbed some, did all electrical in the basement and certainly can handle swapping a valve. BUT!

    Do newer controls fit this Culligan Mark 812? And will they work? And if they do I can have my water tested to make the correct settings.

    Also, is the Kenmore mid range unit any good? I kinda consider it a throw away unit. It's on sale for $450 and I can get locally double gas perk points and get $0.40 off a gallon of gas per $100. So a $500 purchase gets me $2 off per gallon with a max of 30 gal which is a $60 savings. Making the Sears unit net cost of $390.

    One main reasons I'm into doing this now is I need to stop drinking pop, and once I have a softener I can buy an RO system for the sink. Slepping drinking water to my house is a pain. And winter is coming. We park 75' from our house. So, it may be funny to watch a fat man (me) fall with a 5 gallon jug of water on his shoulder. I'm just getting to damn old to enjoy such events myself.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

  2. Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer In the Trades

    Nov 29, 2010
    Ok, if the unit is that old there is not much to be gained by changing the valve because likely the resin is at the end of it's life so you might as well spring for a whole new unit. The Fleck 5600 is a very good choice for you but have a water test done and size the system correctly. As far as Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool and any other big box store brands are concerned they all work and that's the nicest thing I have to say about them. Spend a few extra dollars and get something that will last many years and can be easily serviced.
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  4. HerpZillA

    HerpZillA New Member

    Oct 27, 2012
    Geneva Ohio
    Yea I thought the valve controls were cheaper, so I thought it might make more sense. I kinda thought there was more going on in the tank. I see Fleck 5600 units for under 500. I guess the extra cost over that Kenmore will pay off. Now to hunt down a deal on a unit.
    Thanks for the help.
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  5. Akpsdvan

    Akpsdvan In the Trades

    Dec 29, 2009
    Business owner/service and sales
    Are you having challenges with the elect part of the valve or the inner parts of the valve?
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