Can I install a dishwasher not next to the sink?

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    Hello all,

    I would like to get a dishwasher but I have one problem. As you cab see in the picture, my kitchen sink is right next to a wall from the right side and next to the oven on the left side. I am thinking of installing a dishwasher in the empty space in the right. How will it be possible for the water and drain hoses fo be installed? D6BFD784-B6DA-49D3-99B0-49B08268CC93.jpeg D6BFD784-B6DA-49D3-99B0-49B08268CC93.jpeg D6BFD784-B6DA-49D3-99B0-49B08268CC93.jpeg D6BFD784-B6DA-49D3-99B0-49B08268CC93.jpeg
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    Sep 25, 2013
    1. You can open the wall from one side or the other.
    2. You can get a portable dishwasher, which attaches a pair of hoses to the sink spout.
    3. You could relocate the stove.
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  4. jadnashua

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    Since the DW's outlet is pumped, you have options about where to place it. You may even be able to get water and the drain into maybe a bathroom that could be closer.

    My kitchen is U-shaped. The sink and DW are each on the upper part of the U, opposite each other. Been working fine for nearly 20-years this way.

    If I ever build a new house, I'll probably have two DW...after running, rather than clean it out into cupboards, I'll use stuff from it, and put the dirty stuff into the other, and then alternate. If giving a party, you'd be able to use both to clean up. I figure the ultimate cupboard space required would end up about the same as you wouldn't be taking up one or more cabinets spaces up with the dishes and glassware. And, won't have to clean out the DW after running!
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