Can I 1/4 turn stop valve in supply line for cheap bidet that leaks?

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I bought a cheap bidet. I need to child-proof it, and it drips. I want to address both with an in-line 1/4 turn shut off valve. The bidet came with a valve that split the cold water above the shut-off. It's a replacement toilet so the connection above the shut-off wasn't a compression one, I guess. The existing supply line to the tank is unchanged, just moved. The other supply line came with the bidet, and it's female at both ends, one to attach to one of the male ends on the splitter down by the shut-off, and one to screw onto the male threads coming out of the bidet controller, up by your right thigh when sitting on the toilet. I want to put this valve up there by the right thigh, at the junction of he supply line and the controller. So the valve needs to be male on one end and female on the other. I understand the supply lines to be "3/8," so i bought a 3/8 MIP by FIP, but i have an inside outside dimensions issue i think, as the valve i bought is too big. Does what i seek exist, and if not, is there a work around? Even if i address the leak, i still need the valve for child-proofing. Thank you. Oh BTW - first post - be gentle.
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