Burying line for sump pump

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    We need to run a discharge line for our sump pump. It will discharge to a ditch about 20 yards from the house. I cannot see burying it below the frost line but I do have some concerns about it freezing during early spring rains. (This spring we had several inches of rain while the ground was still frozen)

    I am also wondering if I should run the pipe through the poured concrete foundation so the entire length is underground or exit through the sill plate and then down into the ground? What is the best way to make a clean 2" hole in poured concrete if we go that route?
  2. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
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    Core drilling makes for the best holes in concrete.
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    Through the sill plate/band joist, indirect that line into a 4" pipe (SCH40) preferred and run the pipe daylight to grade.

    If you run that same sized pipe that distance, you're setting yourself up for failure.

    4" is the minimum sized pipe outside the building wall for sanitation and storm water runoff. (KY NPC)

    It's done that way for reason, mainly to allow flow in maximum load scenarios along with the ability to properly clean and maintain with drain cleaning equipment.
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  5. Redwood

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    You also want to pitch the 4" drain line so that it drains dry and does not have sags where water can stand and freeze. An Ice Plug will effectivly end and drainage. Check with your local inspector as to what the minimum pitch is for 4" pipe. I would recommend using either schedule 40 PVC or, SDR-35. I would not use a lesser quality pipe.
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