Building a Barrier Free Bathroom - Slab on Grade (Negative Forming and Rebar Steps)

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    I stumbled upon some great construction photo's of a Hobless Shower this morning and they showcase some great process pictures. Take a look at these pictures as they showcase how to create a negative void for the barrier free (no hob, hobless, no dam, no curb etc).

    When designing a Hobless Shower from the very start of a project defining the area to be tanked (waterproofed) is key to overall success of the project. Hobless showers or no dam showers (no curb etc) as they are called in the USA are wonderful features in any home. These showers can use a linear style or trench drain or simply a standard square or round point drain. The planning and the steps required with each vary slightly so when building your new home make sure you understand the complete project.

    I have been studying up on my Australian building codes and have found a few great construction shots that showcase some very clever advanced steps. Us tile guys need space to work. By space I mean lack off. When the floor needs to move seamlessly from one room to the next having a negative void where the bathroom will be makes it easy to build these Hobless Showers.

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    You can see here in this photo that the builder is preparing a form around the shower area. Notice the orange spray paint outlining the perimeter of the shower space. This simple step opens the doors to so many possibilities down the road and simplifies the process of building a no dam or hobless shower.

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    The concrete for this home is placed and you will notice the drop around the shower area. Grading and the size of the negative void should factor in the spray zone. I have more of the Australian Code outlined here if you would like to review this.

    Photo by

    This is a new slab and starting to cure. Anywhere you plan on having tile and using waterproofing (tanking) products ensure that the use of sealers and accelerators is skipped. These types of products can wreck havoc on the bonding of the different adhesives.
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