Broken Woodford operating rod

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  1. Woody

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    Jun 26, 2006
    I have a Woordford Model 17 outdoor faucet and the operating rod (the metal rod inside the stem) seems to be worn out. I can remove the rod but the check valve does not come out with it. Both ends of the rod are knurled like a gear but the inside end of the rod looks pretty worn. I can turn the faucet all day long and still not get any water no matter which end I put in.

    Has the rod been broken at the end? I though the rod had a threaded hole on the end to hold the check valve on. Did something break?

    Am I stuck replacing the entire faucet?

    Also, the faucet is above a finished room in my basement. I have access to the copper pipe about 6' into the house. Can I cut it there and pull out the faucet and the pipe from the outside, put on the new faucet and slide the whole works back in and rejoin the pipe?
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    change it out...

    you are wize to jsut change it out...or it might freeze up and
    really flood you out some day....

    its not too hard to do at all

    cut the drywall where its needed ....

    then after makeing the change out---- simply go to Lowes and get
    a 12x 8 service air register panel for about 5 bucks and cover it over
    Its cheaper than repairing the dryall
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