Broken dryer on washer dryer combo

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    Hey all - new to the site.

    My roommate has an older Frigidare washer / dryer combo. The house is about 2 years old and is fitted for a full size washer and dryer. When the dryer broke on the combo, she didnt have the money to replace both the washer and dryer so she left the washer / dryer combo and bought a new full sized dryer. The problem is the washer dryer is still hooked to a 240 4 prong. Since there is only one outlet, we have to unplug the washing machine ( the combo ) to use the dryer and vice versa. Since we dont use the dryer on the combo, could I switch the 240 to a 120 so we can just use the 120 plug ?
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    No, not without going inside the washer/dryer combo and isolating the washer's 120V needs, and I doubt you could even get an appliance repairman to do that for you. But if the dryer's problem is only that the drum does not turn, that is a tensioner problem that has let the belt jump off the motor pulley ... and I just fixed that on my own combo unit last week. The problem there is a poorly-designed tensioner that does not run true with the motor pulley. You *might* need a new dryer belt, but an extra spring pulling out on the bottom of the tensioner can resolve the alignment problem ... and you can see all of that by opening nothing more than the 2-screw cover on the back of the dryer (after unplugging it, of course).
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