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    I had trouble getting anyone to quote me for replacing my boiler last winter since it wasn't an emergency (this is an upgrade to an old one, but still working). In the research I did, I like the Weil-McLain Ultra-80 boiler for its efficiency and flexibility. One place I've had work done with before said they'd install it, but have not installed that model before. Another I've had do work said they don't install anything that new and wouldn't touch it (this model is about 2-3 years old and from what I hear, has a pretty good record - anyone hear otherwise? I'd be glad to know). My system is small, only heating 1100 sq ft, the first floor and upstairs bathroom with radiant floor heating (Wirsbo controls and tubing). The backup is a hydro-air system with a Trane air handler and cooling coil. In the replacement, I was going to add an indirect hot water heater.

    I checked with the distributor and found one guy that has installed (or at least bought!) a bunch of this model. I'd consider calling him, but his office a ways away. I'd like someone a little closer.

    Suggestions on alternatives? Would you feel good about being the local guy's guinea pig for the first one he installs? ALternatives?

    This unit has a variable rate burner that can throttle down to 20% of the rated value, which would be good for the radiant flooring, since it is often that only the zones on the outside of the building are on in mild weather. In that mode, it is rated at 98% efficiency!
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    Might want to have someone install such a large system that knows the ins and outs to protect you from shoddy workmanship. I would not be a guinea pig on such a large mechanical.
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