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    Dec 29, 2006
    It's been about 7 1/2 years since the last pump was installed on my well. According to the printout supplied by the well company I have a RJ .5HP BARON 230V 12GPM 2 wire pump currently. The well is a 5 inch at 110'. The pump has been tripping the 20 amp breaker occasionally daily but only when the GWHP (ground water heat pump) is running. I have since turned the GWHP off and the well has not tripped the breaker since. I belive the well pump is set at 60'. The GWHP calls for 8 GPM when it is running and we never have any issue in the house with water pressure whether the GWHP is running or not.

    The question is assuming the pump is bad what is the best pump to replace the current setup. I would like to get a constant pressure system, either using a cycle stop valve or a variable speed pump. The CSV as I have read puts a lot of pressure behind it when there a low flow demand. I don't know if that poly pipe can handle the pressure. We also have an on demand whole house water heater that would benefit from the constant pressure.

    What about the Grundfos SQE system, is it true that its only 2 wire and is it able to run continuiously for many hours. OR maybe the F&W system or whoever else manufactures a constant pressure system.

    Thank you for any advise you may have to solve this problem. I would like to get GWHP back in operation.
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    A whole house demand water heater has a flow control, so a constant pressure pump isn't going to help hot water flow.

    All submersible pumps have a maximum pressure, meaning each hp and wet end combination has a differet maximum pressure. So you could say the maximum pressure of submersible pumps varies widely. Those here saying what you now believe and are afraid of, really should look up the pump chart for the pump instead of making blanket statements. Plus, PE pipe comes in various pressure ratings; 75, 100, 125, 160 and 200 psi.

    You'll do better with a CSV than variable speed pump and save a bunch to buy it and if it needs to replaced some day. Those pumps are quite pricey.

    Your power cable may be worn and that could be tripping the breaker and you wouldn't have to replace the pump.
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