Best Gift for your wife on Mother's Day

Discussion in 'Health and Wellness Forum' started by johnfrwhipple, May 7, 2014.

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    Every year my wife wants the same thing for mother's day. A POEM. ####ing Ryan from the original Bachelor show. This year I told my wife I got nothing. I have written about four poems but they all sound the same these days so I need knew ideas.

    I decided to work for my wife on Sunday. A full eight hour shift. What ever she wants! (man I hope she wants sex at some point! lol) but I'm sure I will be hanging pictures - moving them, cleaning nasty stuff and working on my to do list that is four feet long at home.

    I'm going to write a new versus for every task. And at the end of the day have an original poem. Kind of like a double down Mother's day gift.

    If you men are stuck for ideas. Give your wife - YOU and your tools for the day.
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