bathroom sink has no hot water and delay in kitchen sink

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    Mar 20, 2012
    My husband recently fixed a leak in our bathroom tub (he had to reseal something)since then the hot water in the bathroom sink does not work, no water comes out when you turn on the hot faucet. Also ever since he fixed the leak our kitchen sink has a delay when you turn off the water (water keeps coming out about 5 seconds after I turn off faucet). Any ideas why this is happening?
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    WHenever you shut the water off, do some work, then refill the system, some crud gets dislodged when you get flow again. My guess is that your faucet cartridges have some crud caught in them causing this problem - the kitchen not immediately resealing, and the bathroom being totally plugged on the hot side.

    I'd remove the supply hose to the faucet, take a pan to catch the water, then double-check the flow out of the shutoff valve. On the bathroom, it could be at the shutoff or in the supply hose or in the faucet itself. On the kitchen, sometimes if you take the cartridge out, run some water (careful, it'll go everywhere you need to direct it into the sink!), you may clear out the line, but you may need to replace the cartridge itself. Note, depending on the faucet, some water might continue to flow after you shutoff, but it should just be the spout draining, no longer under pressure.
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