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  1. SleepySam

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Our 1968 house is in bad need of a remodel in the master bathroom. The existing pipes look to all be iron (a ton of build-up and orange rust) and we've spent about $3000 having all of the drain system replaced.

    So we are going to totally re-do the bath room the shower is an odd size (with cheap tile) so we can't get a pre-fab unit to drop in. So we will re-design and re-tile that. We plan to do all of the work except for the plumbing.

    We have 2 bathrooms back to back so we figure while the wall is open we'll have both tub/shower units re-plumbed. So before we get a plumber over for an estimate --- what type of material do want to use in the re-plumbing ?

    PEX - PCV - copper ??? Different materials for supply versus drain ?

    Bottom line is I want this done right - 20yr life - and no leaks. I have no idea the trends are in plumbing materials. And eventually we will start to have the supply lines re-done as well.

    Thanks !!!!
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    New England
    I'd consider either pex or copper.

    For good help on building up a good, reliable shower that won't smell, or leak, check out
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