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    Nov 19, 2009
    We bought a house in Jan this year, one reason was the huge great jacuzzi bathtub in the basement. After experimenting with it when we moved in, we realized that the hot water heater is not big enough to heat the bath. So I investigated into the inner workings of the unit, and realized that it has a built in Bath Heater unit on it.

    When I first turned the jets on, a mass of black plastic flakes came out, I was later told that it was the heating element on the bath heater exploding. I took the unit apart to try to see if I could replace the heating element, and noticed a few very loose wires on the inside of the control box. So I plugged everything back in and gave the unit another whirl. It did not heat, but finally the power light on the unit came on, and now, water came gushing out of the control unit of the heater, which it had not done before.

    So on the advice of a plumber, I purchased a new bath heater unit, the exact same make and model of the one that was busted. I installed it, and ran a test bath. All three unions with the motor and the return pipes were dry, but water came gushing out of the control box again!

    It shorted out the plug ins under the bathtub, and so much water shot out of the unit it took quite a while to clean up. I just sent a hasty email to the company I ordered it from but need some real advice. Is this my problem? Did I get unlucky with a faulty product? Is there anything I can do?

    The unit is:
    G & G Industries / PermaHeat
    T-Style Bath Heater

    10-1/2" Standard Model #931211+21
    1500 Watts, 12.5 Amp, 115 Volts

    It is the same model that was attached to the pump when we moved in. I assume that at one point the bath worked for the previous owners, at least I hope so.

    Any advice would be great,

    Thanks in advance.

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