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Hi all,
I've read the numerous discussions about installing basement subfloors, and have especially appreciated the advice in the other threads provided by Dana. I have extremely limited headroom in my basement so I have decided on the following for the subfloor:
a) 6 mil poly on slab, seams taped
b) 1/2 inch poly-faced EPS
c) 15/32" plywood
d) 6.5 mm LVP

I really just have a few clarifying questions:
1) Should the 6 mil poly be directly against the slab or between the insulation and plywood? Seems like either way may be OK, but not sure if there is a preferred way.
2) Should EPS seams be taped (in addition to any seams in 6 mil poly)?
3) Is poly needed if the EPS is already faced with plastic?
4) I will leave a 1/4" gap between subfloor and bottom plate. Should 1/4 gap also be left between sheets of plywood to allow for expansion?
5) My walls are already built and drywal attached, so I can not take poly to the foundation walls. Should I try to attach the 6 mil poly to the bottom plate?
6) Any reason to use laminate flooring over LVP?

Thanks for the advice!
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