Basement - Full Bath addition.

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  1. Plumbersnightmare

    Plumbersnightmare New Member

    Jul 3, 2013

    First post but longtime DIY and mostly not an idiot.

    I'm considering the cost effectiveness of digging in a basement and adding a full bath.
    Recently replaced all plumbing/sewer from galvanized/cement to copper/ABS. (old cement butt join sewer main was eaten by trees and all the galvanized was 40ish years old).

    Would have gone with pex but didn't have the tools and the copper was mostly a gift leftover from another persons house (and I know how to solder copper.)

    From what I've been able to find and read about basement bathrooms I am 99% certain that I would prefer to do some cement work and make a below grade pit type with a submersible pump. Instead of one of those behind the toilet maserator type jobs.

    What all else is involved?
    other than a pit (any links to designs building methods appreciated)
    a pump
    (I personally selected pit pump design to be able to use everything else standard (abs drain toilet ect ect)

    I also plan to have a safety drain in the floor (plan basement to have 2 levels lower lvl with washer dryer hw tank and bathroom possiblly kitchenette and a one step higher level all non-wet (typically) bedroom living room area. (oz of prevention vs pound of cure mentality)

    I think I've found a decent deal on a submersible pump for the pit but my experience is VERY limited. so....

    Here is the Pump brand and model ... From the details above you know what I would like the capability to do in this space ...

    Homa 2" discharge part number TP50M24/2/1
    Is 550$ good deal or ??
    ANY thoughts or extra knowledge is GREATLY apprecated SERIES/Brochure/TP50M Brochure.pdf

    The pump is the second one on the PDF

    Full bathroom/kitchenette/Washer Dryer/ Emergency Only floor drain (Hot Water tank burst break ect ect)
    Will this pump handle it?

    also removal of any of the above is fine like ... you can do bathroom but adding Washer dryer bad idea or no kitchen sink or whatever.

    Any other non standard bathroom parts that I would need (concrete for pit and standard bathroom parts feel free to exclude.)
    also if anyone has an inkling power / breaker requirements? from the details It looks like its a 220v submer pump so a dedicated 2 pole breaker and wiring of what Amp / gauge if anyone knows offhand.

    Thanks for any and all advice and for a point of reference I live in the USA in a Desert near a river but about 100' above the river high water / flood level.

    Oh ... anyone see a problem with running the basement 4" ABS thru the basement wall and locating the pit on the exterior of the foundation and connect the pump outflow to say the houses mainline via the vent access (IE add a down swept T below the vent cap) and anything I need to know regarding venting this whole system? Should it all be a dedicated venting for basement or connect to the upstairs venting? (crap someone just tell me a book on how to be a plumber!)

    Thank you in advance for your time, tips and links to any reference materials.
  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    It gets pretty cold in Eastern Washington.
    Anything outside the foundation will need to be either heated or below the frost line. That could be several feet.

    The basin with pump uses a discharge and a vent.
    Plumbing run to the basin needs to be plumbed as it would in any home, trapped and vented as per the book.
    Inspectors like to see the 2" discharge lines run to a 4" when possible; they dump water into a main line pretty quickly.
    A good 4/10 hp pump will run several bathrooms. No problem adding a washer and kitchen sink if needed.
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  4. Plumbersnightmare

    Plumbersnightmare New Member

    Jul 3, 2013
    By the time I'm done the pit should be almost 8ft below the surface of the ground level around it so no issues with freezing I dont think.

    The pump that i listed above is a Homa TP50M24/2/1 1.7 BPH .. dont know what BPH is it is a 2in discharge
    I can't find a hp value to the pump.

    exterior access point to the main sewer line to that I was plannning to connect the discharge line to is 4in. and i was planning on connecting at almost the exact grade of the Main out (Make that discharge pump work as little as possible pump up 4ft vs pumping up 8ft)
  5. johnjh2o1

    johnjh2o1 Plumbing Contractor for 49 years

    Aug 9, 2009
    You are turning a simple job into a nightmare. Having the tank and pump 8' below the ground will make it a nightmare to service. All that is required is a small tank and pump in the basement floor.

  6. Plumbersnightmare

    Plumbersnightmare New Member

    Jul 3, 2013
    Truth ...

    I spoke with a buddy that has a better familiarity (as it seems you do) with these types of systems.

    Personally I've never seen them before and this picture was tied to the pump I linked above .. in the linked pdf.

    Thereby making me believe I needed a big concrete pit (found out that if I did that then i would ALSO have to water proof said pit... which makes sense)...

    The system you linked is "roughly" a 30+ish gal plastic barrel with all the ins/outs and pump mounting built in to what i assume from a quick glance is an injection molded plastic unit.

    Dig hole get grade for basement Main Out into said unit/ install plastic unit (designed to accept X lift pump) / install X lift pump / and connect effluent discharge from pump to the Main and Voila full on Basement plumbing.

    This picture is what fubard me ...


    That pump is for some commercial application (roughly a 1500$ ish pump) and the systems you linked are for the whole roughly 750$ ish

    Thanks for setting me straight and correcting my misunderstandings (the individual i mentioned above that decribed this big plastic pail system (IRL) has a line on the plastic part for an absolute steal as well ... just need a pump to fit that plastic)

    Thanks johnjh2o1
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