Baffle question in old septic tank

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    Apr 19, 2012
    Later this week I'm getting rid of the last section of old red clay pipe that feeds my small 500 gallon septic tank.I'm putting in 4 inch sewer and drain . Its about a 10 foot run with a no/hub onto cast iron which is working fine under house. The tank has a cement baffle stuck on side of tank which is about foot and 1/2 long and looks like a 10 inch concrete pipe spit in 1/2 stuck to side where the clay pipe enters tank- this baffle could be longer so it works better. I have a choice to just plumb the plastic pipe like the red clay was flush to inner wall or knock off the baffle and make a new one from a sanitary tee or regular tee with a piece on the bottom to recreate the baffle.
    What's the best method ?
    As I need to have it all ready the day I have the tank pumped out.

    Also should I seal the plastic pipe to tank on the outside with Hydraulic Cement or something else?

    I have some nasty cedar roots that always want into this tank via the lid so a tight seal is key.
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