Argentina bidet question and floor drain

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  1. edwardh1

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    is this bidet supposed to be trapped? (lower picture) located in a hotel in buenos aires argentina.

    second question, the square floor drain always had water in it. when you flushed the toilet the water level in the drain would move and I thought bubble some (not good- sewer gas) - when we shut the bathroom door, the room smelled, mentioned it to the room maid she seemed aware of the problem and put a piece of saran wrap type plastic over the floor drain !+&%$!!

    two other hotels in BA had this same type floor drain. what is the purpose of this floor drain? if it connects the bidet seems like the water in it would be nasty and unsafe???

    I posted on this in 2010 and went back last week - took some more pix. different hotel, seems the bidet is using the floor drain as a trap, if so, the "dirt" off your butt will be in the open floor trap!!!!!!

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  2. Terry

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    Bidets like that either have a trap in the floor if through the floor, or above floor if connected from the wall.
    They use an 1-1/4" tailpiece. Though the connection in the picture looks kind of odd for that.

    The floor drain should have a trap too. If you see standing water in floor drain, that would be the seal. The water can dry out though if nobody washes the floor down. Take a cup and pour water in the floor drain to refill the seal there. That should keep the sewer gas out.

    Of course, there's really no way of knowing if the plumbing is first world without doing more research on it.
    My trips South of Mexico had some pretty funky plumbing. Guatemala had a lot of bidets like the one in your picture, and floor drains like that. India had floor drains too in the hotels.


    India, notice the floor drain toward the back wall?

    Here you have a handheld bidet wash near the toilet, very common, and a stand alone bidet.
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  4. Gary Swart

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    Sep 1, 2004
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    People piss and moan about all of the plumbing codes and requirements we have in the US, but it is a bit easier to appreciate what we have when traveling in foreign countries.
  5. edwardh1

    edwardh1 Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    South Carolina
    well said!

    the bidet (which we dont use) was right under the towel rack (!) and was 14 inches from the sink where you stood.
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