Are these both drains

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    They both come from the ground, One is a cast-iron soil/waste stack the other is Galvanize steel pipe, They rise vertically and are about 2-3 inches apart. On the second story they are combo together in the wall about a foot above the toilet and vent through roof. Nothing is connected to the steel pipe ( unless under foundation) my question is can I use this steel pipe as a drain As it is in the way of the waste stack or are they both waste stacks. New to this so any help would be greatly appreciated. The steel pipe appears to be 2in

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    The pipes in the first picture are almost certainly vent pipes, unless the photo is upside down.

    The smaller pipe in the second drawing is very probably a vent pipe, but if you are saying that is a continuation from the first picture, that is a vent pipe. This could be a vent for a floor drain or something else.
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    The steel pipe is a vent and CANNOT be used for a drain.
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