Are some *brands* better than others

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    Jun 14, 2006
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    Given the same specs , are certain brands favorable than others....
    Love to hear some pros chime in on what works and what doesn't....
    Seems like you guys don't favor Grohe....I was looking to put their faucet and matching soap dispenser in the new kitchen renov

    Seems like not a SINGLE supply shop out here in NYC carries a DW tailpiece with a 3/4 inlet....or even something I would think would be common like a 17 AWG DW tailpece (5/8" inlet)

    So lo an behold I turn to the *NET* to find the part I need and came across Plumb Pak. I have seen/used their stuff over the years .....I knew Watts, Pasco, PlumbShop (BC) had 17AWG variants with 3/4" inlets.....but Plumb Pak carries some unique stuff like a ANTI SIPHON S Trap that I just noticed.

    The thing about doing mailorder is you just can physically see the part to see if it's up to snuff - if you know what I mean.
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