(Another) Flushmate recall

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by jadnashua, Oct 22, 2018.

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    This past Thursday, there was a Flushmate recall. They warn people with the affected models to stop using their toilet, turn the water supply off, and flush the toilet to relieve the pressure in the vessel. It seems that the seam may catastrophically separate, blowing the lid off and maybe breaking the tank as well. As a workaround until it can be repaired, you could still flush it with a bucket of water. It may nor may not flush well with that technique, but is better than nothing.

    This is the second one I'm aware of for pressure assisted toilets over the years.

    Go to their website to check the serial number of your unit to see if you are affected.

    IMHO, a well designed, gravity flush toilet is a better choice for the vast majority of people. At least, one of those will not blow up on you unless someone puts in a cherry bomb!

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    WOW, this is correct. Now a recall on the Flushmate III version.


    Looks like the WDI version is the only safe player in the pressure assist toilets now. Never had a recall on them. Also has a 10 year warranty.
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