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    In the spring when I turned the water back from winterization, all of my valves were open and water was coming out (slowly) . I unplugged the controller and they remained open. I turned the water off and on several time and then let the controller go through the cycle. I also checked each valve to make sure nothing was holding them up from returning to the base. Everything looked good at that point. I then disassembled and cleaned each valve. Since all of the valves were experiencing exactly the same symptoms, I didn’t have much faith that this would do any good but it was worth a try. Still, the valves remained open.

    About a month later, I discovered that my water pressure was around 115 psi indicating that my main pressure control valve had malfunctioned. The valve was replaced and the pressure adjusted to 70 psi. I thought that this must have been the reason the valves were remaining open due to the high pressure coming into the system. However, the valves remain in the open position. Again I ran the system through the cycle, turned the water off and on, etc.

    I checked the voltage to the valves (at the controller) and got some interesting results. When a particular valve is turned on, it reads a voltage of 1 – 5 V. The rest of the valves are around 27 V. This seems opposite of whet it should be. However, the valves remain open even when the controller is unplugged.

    Does this sound like a significant leak in the system? Maybe not enough pressure is hitting to valves to close them all the way? I’ve left the system run for several hours looking for a wet area of the yard and haven’t been able to find anything. Is there a more systematic way to identify leaks?

    Any ideas?
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