Alkaline Kangen Water Treatment. Is it real? Or a hoax?

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    Kangen Water®

    The Kangen Water Machine transforms your ordinary tap water (which may be acidic, contaminated, or chlorinated) into a healthful alkaline drinking water.

    When water passes through electrical energy, it causes the hydrogen within it (H2O) to assume one of two forms. One is hydrogen (H+) that has a positive electrical charge. This water is ‘acidic’. The other form is hydrogen that bonds with an oxygen atom and becomes negatively charged (OH-) and is sometimes referred to as active hydrogen; this alkaline water is the building block of life itself.

    What does “Kangen†mean? The word “Kangen†is translated from the Japanese to mean “return to origin†and in the context of Kangen Water it can be interpreted to mean taking the body back to its original “alkaline†state.

    But my question is; Does any of this matter? And does it really work?
    Is it real? Or a hoax?

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    Unadulterated Snake Oil.
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    In most cases, the same description can be use to "dazzle you with their brilliance", but if that doesn't work then they try to "baffle you with their BS". YOU have to decide which it is.

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