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    Jan 2, 2009
    I just tore out the old whirlpool tub and want to replace it with a soaker tub. The old tub was installed very poorly, as they used a Spurlin Industries drop in model without a tile flange as a shower/tub combination. I purchased a cheap Spurlin Industries NF 7242 GT tub (they are made locally). The width of the alcove is 72.5", the width of the tub is 71.75", so I am going to end up with 3/8" space on each end of the tub between the tile flange and the wall framing. Do I have to shim the entire length of the framing to keep the hardi backer and tile that I plan to install plumb?

    Also, the builder didn't put in an access panel for the plumbing and unfortunately I can't put one in due to the placement of the bathroom vanity. Is there any possible way to install the new tub without having access to the drain p-trap?

    The supply house told me that I didn't need any mortar under the tub for support because it will be supported by ledger boards and that the bottom of the tub has a sheet of OSB attached for support. Does that sound correct or should I put something else under the tub for support.

    I am including some photos of the current tub and the one I bought to replace it. I might add that I didn't recieve any instructions with the tub and the Spurlin website doesn't offer any help.

    Thank you for all your help. Money is tight and I am forced to do this project by myself.

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