air in water line mystery

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    This came in today from a friend who has a house on Coronado, near San Diego, that stays vacant part of the year. Any ideas as to the cause of the problem????
    "Approimately one to one and one half months' ago I arrived here and the water spurted out of the faucets thru out the house as if the water had been shut off which had not been the case. I proceeded to open all faucets,etc and run to see if that would resolve the problem. It did not and then I called a plumber who suggested I continue to use the water and it would probably resolve itself after a few days. No luck.
    I then called American Water Co responsible for Coronados' water the following wk. They determined I had no leak,had air in the system and suggested I bypass the Sterling Water Conditioner for a day or two tho he doubted that was the problem. FYI the Sterling as well as a Bosch tankless water heater were reinstalled in October 2007. I experienced no water problems til Jan sometime.
    Two wks thereafter upon returning to Coronado, the problem remains a mystery. It is worst in the morning affecting all faucets, toilets,etc..dissipates during the day and resumes again in the morning.Yesterday a plumber came and also suggested to bypass the the Sterling. It bypassed and has made no change. The water co also came ,removed the meter and ran water from the street. They concluded there is no air in their line,there is no leak in my line and they do not believe I need a new pressure regulator. (Another plumber I called who has not even been out said the pressure regulator was the problem.)The plumber who was here yesterday said the regulator was not the problem for sure or it would be leaking and could not introduce air in the line.
    FYI pressure into the house 80 lbs and according to the water co who checked it say it's just rt..water from from street is about the same.
    That's all I've got. Also I ran the 7 valves for the sprinkled individually this am ..appeared ther was air there as well.

    Thanx for any and all suggestions you may have,
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